Founded in 2016, The F Lab is a wedding planner that is specialized in high-level bespoke services, dedicated to the design and production of weddings and events local and worldwide.

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The F Lab isn’t just a service provider. We are a team of intelligent, understanding, patient, creative and professional planners, designers and coordinators who are sincerely our clients’ most truthful friends when it comes to any issue related to their day.

Our finding tenet is the belief that wedding is one of the most treasured and important events of one's lifetime and memorable weddings go far beyond pretty decoration which we shall call “The look". To us, “The true soul” of each wedding is its agenda, how each story is told. For that, the most powerful privilege of a planner is to be a part, if not in charge of, creating everlasting memories.

And therefore, let's meet at our office, your favourite coffee shop or wherever you are comfortable. We like to talk to you about all the things you are interested in, whether it's about you, about us, our services or possible cooperation. The first introductory and informative consultation is free. Share your story and allow us to plan your special day the way you’d dream of.

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The F Lab is, first and foremost, a creative and customised wedding planner.

 Our passion and mission is to deliver highest level of personalized weddings that are not just innovative but completely worry-free through cooperative teamwork, transparent and punctual process.

With a fast changing world, our vision, on the contrary, is to create memories that last for a lifetime, or better yet, for generation after generation while staying relevant to cultural and technological constant changes.



Behind each and every beautiful and meaningful moments is our talented and passionate team. They each has an unique personalities and expertise.

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Founder & lead wedding planner

My name is Giang and I am the founder of The F Lab. Of all the things I chose to do, wedding chooses me. It came to me as natural as the air I breath. It gives me back my confidence, my hope, my joy and the happy 20 something girl I am. I named my planner brand The F Lab. The little “F” here means “Fun", if you’re curious. I name it that in the hope it will bring many funs and joys to all who believe in it, in me, in my team...

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Co-founder & wedding planner

5 years ago, coincidentally wedding came to me. Ever since, even when I chose to do something else, somehow, I always come back to wedding as if it’s decided by fate. In that 5 years, I have tried different roles, including event coordinator, florist and wedding consultant at 2 of most influential event planners firms in Hanoi before joining Giang and the team as a wedding planner and lead florist at The F Lab...



Behind Giang & Ngoc is their dynamic team including a concept illustrator, a graphic designer, wedding coordinators and assistants.

We're are the girls behind the bride, to make sure she is beautiful, happy and fully enjoying her special day. If you're curious about our stories, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subcribe to our blog.