" Dear all my clients and readers,

My name is Giang and I am the founder of The F Lab. Instead of doing a straightforward business profile, please let me tell you my little story behind the name and the meaning of The F Lab.

To me, The F Lab, initially, was not a business. Indeed, it was my life jacket, the hope that brought me back to life. I hit my quarter life crisis harder than most people I know. Imagining you were 25, with all expensive education and tremendous supports from your family and love ones, you still failed hard, got fraud, being in a strange city with an empty account, had to move back to live with your parents’ and lost all sort of self-confidence, while most of your friends either got promotion or got married and ready to move on to their next pace in life, you’ve got what my life was like late 2015.

6 months staying home isn't exactly my dream vacation but it was necessary. It made me realised who I am, what I wanted to do with my life and how I can make it. Not like many of my peers, what I seek in a job is not big paycheque or title but the opportunities to make others happy. It may sound surreal but if you got to know me in person, I'm sure you'll agree with me. In that 6 months, I realised that I always love weddings, ever since I was the little 10-year-old girl who wanted nothing more but to carry the wedding dress train for her auntie. Because, to me, wedding is one of the very rare occasions that you can feel all kinds of love, flying in the air. Not just the couple love but family love, friendship and all other kinds of love. And being the one who’s responsible for all that love to be shared, to be seen, to be felt, is an incredible privilege.

Coincidentally, one May afternoon 2016, while scolding down my Facebook feeds, I saw a post from Milena, my high school friend, announcing her engagement and upcoming wedding. Without any hope, I asked her to let me plan her day. To my biggest surprise, Mili said yes. Of all the things I chose to do, wedding chooses me. It came to me as natural as the air I breath. It gives me back my confidence, my hope, my joy and the happy 20 something girl I am. And for that, I own Mili and The F Lab my world.

I named my planner brand The F Lab. The little “F” here means “Fun", if you’re curious. I name it that in the hope it will bring many funs and joys to all who believe in it, in me, in my team. And if you’re reading till this line, I’m truly grateful.

I believe that there are much more to know about any individual, you, me, everybody, but only when we've got a chance to talk, to meet and to work together. Therefore, my introduction ends here but if you’re still curious about me, about us, drop me an email via and we’ll talk.



Giang holds a Master Degree in International Economics and Finance and a Bachelor Degree (with Honour) in Marketing, both from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, top 30 university in The UK and top 200 university in the world. 

After 5 years living in the UK, Giang came back to Vietnam and work in the fashion industry (Valentino Vietnam) before getting attached to wedding late 2014. Her passion and knowledge of fashion and architecture gives Giang her special point of view and vision when it's comes to planning a space and personal advice on style for her clients.