"Dear our beloved clients and friends, 

5 years ago, coincidentally wedding came to me. Ever since, even when I chose to do something else, somehow, I always come back to wedding as if it’s decided by fate. In that 5 years, I have tried different roles, including event coordinator, florist and wedding consultant at 2 of most influential event planners firms in Hanoi before joining Giang and the team as a wedding planner and lead florist at The F Lab.

For most Vietnamese, wedding planner is usually mistaken with wedding decorator and is still value-underestimated. However, to me, wedding planner is a fairy that helps the bride and grooms manage every single aspect of their day to make sure they have the best day of their lives completely worried free.

For me, wedding is one of the most treasured day of one's lifetime. Therefore, every detail, every moment needs to be taken care of. Ultimately, getting to know the couple's love story and being in charge of their special day is a meaningful job and an honour for me, personally, and for The F Lab, as a team.

The moment when the bride walks down the aisle in the arm of her father, to the stage where her man is waiting, to exchange their vows, to be together for now and eternity is, to me, the most important and emotional moment. In that few minutes, every kind of emotion is expressed, love, laughter, tear and joy. That's when I feel my the meaning of my job.


Ngoc Hoang." 

Ngoc holds a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management from Open University Hanoi, Vietnam. Entering the wedding industry in 2011, as a florist, Ngoc is the most experienced team member of The F Lab. Since then, Ngoc has worked in different roles, from florist to event coordinator to wedding consultant.  

Her incredible talent and knowledge of flowers and floral arrangement is the guaranty that each and every project of The F Lab is visually impeccable.