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Lem & Hoang first met in a double date with 2 of their good friends. While Lem is a vibrant and outgoing girl, Hoang is more technical and calm. Their 4 years relationships witness their journey from being students in to mature adults. And despite all ups and downs, 

14 months, 2 continents, nearly 20 vendors involved, hundreds of emails, thousands of messages, 2 locations, 4 ceremonies, we have accomplished the first destination wedding with tremendous supports from Lem & Hoang, aka the bride and groom.

It is hard to pick just the one moment to be our favourite but the whole experience from the very early email to the happy cup of tea after the wedding. Lem and Hoang is the righteous example of the love that is not only sweet but also devoting, caring and mature.

We can not be more happy for them and the exciting journey that now they're embarking hand in hand.

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I met Lem via my best travel girlfriend, who, by the way is Lem’s maid of honour, while she was in her early 20s crisis, crying to find herself in this big world. I could not believe how lucky I am to be chosen as Lem’s wedding planner, to be able to work with such a detail sophisticated bride who determined to never compromise. I was so excited to meet her groom and extremely happy that Lem finally found her a safe & sound lullaby, with a man who loves her dearly and “would change his world to better suits her taste”. Congratulation Lem & Hoang, and may you only be happier every single day.
— Giang Bui
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