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Giang and her team are amazing. Three things I love the most about them are:

Firstly, Giang helps me to design a wedding that fits with my dream wedding. Each couple has a unique love story. In our case, it’s the Long Distance Relationship that we had as an international couple. Also, we both love nature, and I wanted to have a wedding at Ba Vi National Park! But Giang and her team worked out something much more feasible and affordable for both of us. We ended up having our wedding in the gorgeous nature setting at the FOREST restaurant. With the decoration of maps, paper plane, and cloud. Nothing tells our love story better!

Secondly, the team was very professional from the start. I knew mine is the first wedding she organises, but her professionalism immediately put me at ease. You can talk to her, and instantly know that she knows what she is doing. Throughout the process both my husband and I couldn’t help but feel amazed by her quick communication, she was always reachable. The team delivered everything they promised and exceeded our expectations.

Last but not least, they save both my time and money. Some people may think that having a wedding planner is expensive. But I see it differently. The good wedding planner will help you stick to your budget and make sure you get the most values out of every penny you spend. Giang was awesome at managing the budget and super trustworthy. Still, for me, the money isn’t the biggest thing I saved. As a bride, I could focus on enjoying the most special moment in my life, feeling the love with my groom, knowing that everything else is covered. Also, as a very busy woman, I saved so much time instead of running around in circle, trying to pull off a wedding, to focus on my well-being, my work, and beginning a new life together with the love of my life.

Be very honest, I’d trust Giang with my life and my baby. And surely will hire her again for our 5th, 10th, 20th year anniversary until she gets bored of us.
— Milena Nguyen