An English garden flower arrangement for a traditional Vietnamese Engagement ceremony

Anja & Aaron knew about us via one of our beloved clients, Milena & Rapha. After viewing our profile, she decided to pick us as her sole planner, and after that, she trusted us 100% without having a physical meeting with our team till only 2 days before her Vietnamese traditional engagement, aka, Le An Hoi.


Anja and Aaron first met via a mutual friend in Singapore, but they were just friends. Shortly after they met, Anja moved back to Prague, her second home. They met again when Aaron and his family travel to Europe. Because of a minor booking mistake, Aaron got chance to spend a whole day in Prague by himself. Guess who was his special tour guide? Yes, no one else than the beautiful Anja. And they fell in love in that 1 day...

They later had a long-distance relationship and spent as many holidays together as possible. Finally, after Anja decided to moved back, again, to Singapore, Aaron pop the question on a beautiful rooftop cafe in Hoi An last November during their trip to Anja first home, Vietnam.  

This project was both challenging and both super fun for me and the team. The hardest part, I guess, was to gain trust from Anja’s mother. It was not easy, but it was such an honour to work with a sophisticated bride and her mom. Their attention to details amazed us and put our team to a new horizon
— Giang Bui



Anja loves bold colours, she told us not being afraid of using colours. Since her gown is fuchsia we decided to choose a colour palette that contains many kind of purple and pink to harmonise well with the gown and the beautiful interior of the estate. 

Although the whole planning process was done via mails and conference calls, because of Anja clear request as well as her incredible style, we had the best time together. When she told us she was not afraid of bold colour and encouraging us to try on a more fierce colour combination, we knew right away that this day will be splendid. 



Anja's home was beautiful already without any decoration. Our job is to enhanced the space while preserving the original style and beauty of the house. 

We decided to use long table and flower runner which suit the original space the most. A floral arch was installed accordingly to the existing structure of the room. 


To our most surprise, Anja love to have her suite fully decorated. The room is elegantly furbished with British colonial style and has a poster bed in the middle of the space.  

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Anja Do & Aaron Gan


Private estate


Lieta Studio & Ngoc Luk