A highlight of one of our most challenging yet enchanting projects. 



Phuong Anh, a fashion editor & Viet Dung, ex-CEO of UBER Vietnam, first met via a mutual friend. While Dung experienced love at first sight, Phuong Anh didn't quite feel the same. But fate brought them together for a special reason and despite many differences in personalities and style, they magically fell in love and the rest was history. 

The first time we met, I was really nervous. I regconised who my groom was immediately and right after introduction, he cornered us with tons of questions. Dung was at a very particular place in his career which wasn’t exactly a dream vacation for him. He was definitely as intense as we were. Phuong Anh was, on the contrary, super chill and I guess that why they fell in love, you know, opposite attracts. After a month into planning, we started really understand the other and work our way to the plan their big day. It was both stress and privilege to work with incredible individuals like Dung & Phuong Anh.
— Giang Bui

The wedding took place in one of the most beautiful outdoor space in Hanoi, Elegant Suites Westlake. The problem we were fighting was the weather. It was January and the weather in Hanoi had never been more unpredictable. It was raining the whole week before and forecast to be extremely cold that very week the couple exchanged their vows. 

Our solutions was to place gas heaters all over the garden to keep the couple and their guests warm enough to enjoy the dinner and later the dance. Combining with lighting and beautiful floral arrangement, the whole space came together for the couple's most important night.  

Phuong Anh asked us nothing but to have a marsala wedding, which we could not be more thrilled. It happens to be right in the middle of dahlia season, to local florist, the best winter gift. And Dung asked us to make his guests to feel like they were in the middle of a magical hanging garden. Our answer was to have running table with hanging flowers, candle, and a little twist, grapes, you know, just to add a little bit of fun. 


The most memorable moment of the night must be when the groom and his 8 groomsmen singing Perfect to his bride. And as being expected, not only the bride but many guest broke into tears, happy tears for the couple. 


After 2 months, yes, only 2 months, with all kind of obstacles from all parties, they had inspired and pushed us to somehow breakthrough our comfort zone. There are just too many beautiful memories to include in just 1 short caption, but we're surely going to treasure them all



Phuong Anh & Viet Dung 


Elegant Suites Westlakes


Manh Bi Wedding 


Cabo Studio 


SHE by Hoa Nguyen