What a magical wedding! 


Rika & Minku were friends long before they fell in love. Their friendship started with their mutual love for Harry Potter and his wizard world. After years being together, they finally said their Unbreakable Vows in a space that can not get more magical than this. 

We met Rika & Minku first in November, right after our second splendid wedding. When Rika told us they wanted a Harry Potter themed wedding since the love for JW Rowling wizard world was the reason they know then fell in love with one another, we instantly flipped.

We were excited yet nervous at the same time. I remember distinctively that Hanh (Rika) asked for a Harry Potter themed wedding without any flowers, strictly. We had never done any wedding without flowers at that time, so we were worried. But everything turned out to be beautiful and out of our original expectation. It was our honour to be a part of this magical day.
— Giang Bui


After 3 months planning (from location consulting, invitation preparation, handmade wedding favour, decoration, wedding script and so on), mostly via email, we now can proudly share with you all how we brought parts of Hogwarts to our beautiful chosen venue, The Kafe.

Since Rika and Minku have a limited budget, we decided to invest them into key areas including the photobooth, sweet table and stage area. For the photobooth, we love the idea of King Cross since it's one of the gate to the magical world of JK Rowling. And Rika also loves it. Trolley, suitcases, sign boards and even an owl were brought to create a scene from the movie. Well, not exactly but hey, it was pretty close! 

For sweet table, Rika wants it to resemble the Portion class since Minku is a Slytherin and let's be honest, Professor Snape is everyone's favourite after the last book released. So portion vases and mock books were arranged, along with cupcakes that have the lighting decor and the Ferrero chocolate snitchs which are also wedding favour.  

Finally, for the stage, we decided to keep it simple and elegant by using silks, candles and the one quote tearfully express the unconditional love of Snape for Lily, "Always" . To light up the whole space while keeping it relevant to the theme, fairy lights were combined with hanging candles, flying snitches and house flags. When the sun go down, the space was light up and it was truly beyond our imagination. 

Instead of exchange love vows, like any true wizard at heart, Rika & Minku exchanged The Unbreakable Vows and joined a Harry Potter shoes game. 

Thank you Rika and Minku for all your love and support. We wish you both a magical journey as husband and wife. 


Rika (Hanh) & Minku (Quan)


The Kafe


Dzung Ha