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Dear chị Giang, chị Ngọc, em Mai and The F Lab team,

It’s been almost two months since our wedding, but those beautiful moments still flash in our minds every day.

We are so thankful to The F Lab team for your expertise, kindness, and attention to detail that allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest! Your supports helped us design our dreamy wedding! F Lab Team’s knowledge, friendly, joyful attitude and gently suggesting of ideas and timeline made me realise that this would be the right team. We planned this wedding while apart in different locations/time zones and this was never an issue at all.

Chị Giang, from my first meeting with you, I knew that I wanted to work with you and promptly canceled appointments with other coordinators. I could feel your strong energy and passionate love for your job (and perhaps chemistry boosted faster cause we all studied in the UK hehe). I appreciated that you were “Ms.Always Available”. You tried so hard to organise time for me and Dan since our meetings were all on the weekends. You even went to different áo dài shops with me and gave me many useful suggestions. I felt like I found my long-lost sister! To me, you are truly a good listener. You can see the most creative world through the eyes of others, and you know how to bring them to real life.

I love flowers; and luckily, I found one of the best florists in town! I almost cried when I first saw marvelous settings and decorations on our wedding day at M Gallery Yen Tu (Giang didn’t know this). F Lab Team turned my every single crazy ideas came true, from petite cutie lychees mixed with flowers, tiny honey jars on tables, lily of the valley bouquet, spontaneous dance floor, to the whole concept of a chapel wedding in the middle of Vietnam’s Buddhist capital.

We had a beautiful, classic, elegant and fun wedding. Our guests loved it (like a lot), they posted way too many photos about our wedding. I have received messages all day saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Hands down to the perfect team!

I wish you nothing but many more incredible weddings. What you are doing is truly deeply madly meaningful!


Phuong and Dan

— Phuong & Dan