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My dearest Giang & The F Lab team,

Time passed by as a blink of an eye after wedding yet till today, I have finally found a peaceful moment to really sit down and write to you a belated (but sincere) testimonial to Giang, Ngoc, Linh, Lan & the whole team.

While I was struggling finding my own wedding planner, I met Giang in my best friend’s wedding. Right there, I know I have found the team I need. Because human factor is always the most important thing when it comes to wedding. And I was right! You have been always enthusiastic and responsive, as many other couple has complimented you in their testimonials. If I’m to write down all little things that you have helped me before and during the wedding, this letter would exceed the maximum length of a Gmail.

I’m such an intense bride and most of the time, don’t know how to express my own feelings. During the wedding planning process, I have told Nam (my groom) many times that if it wasn’t for your helping team, we would probably not make it to the wedding day. I was emotionally impressed with our conversation on the song “Perfect” right before the wedding. I almost missed one of our best memories if it wasn’t for you. Right there and then, I would like to say to you that instead of a wedding planner, Giang is more like a companion to me. Although during the peak season and with your packed schedule, you might forget some of the little things, but never have you ever forget to support the love for your couple. I know that Giang and her team pour their hearts into each and every project that they take and I really appreciate that. Giang and her team are the women who make other women happy. Therefore, 20/10 (Vietnamese Women’s Day) would be the perfect time for me to send these words to you.

Above all, I would like to say that we had such a wonderful time, full of happy memories and an emotionally beautiful wedding because of your companionship. Thank you a bunch and you leave footprints in my hearts. ❤
— Ha & Nam