Dear chi Giang and the F Lab team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for everything you did to make this seemingly daunting event happen !

From the very beginning, I have never had any doubt choosing the F Lab for my engagement and wedding. Chi Giang was very professional and resourceful. For the 6 months leading up to the wedding, we were very confused because it’s the first wedding in both families but chi Giang was there for us in every step of the way. In my head, chi Giang was this living encyclopedia about everything wedding. Don’t know what are the steps of Lễ Ăn hỏi ? Ask chi Giang. Don’t know what style of wedding invitation is appropriate ? Ask chi Giang. Don’t know how long will it be to alter your suit in Hanoi ? Ask chi Giang. Literally, “ask chi Giang” was the one sentence that popped up the most in my family’s conversation about the wedding.

We were both in the UK for all of the preparation period so we couldn’t be as hands-on in prepping and organizing for the big day. Chi Giang was our bridge to the vendors, from helping us to get the wedding invitation font fixed to our liking, to choosing the right betrothal boxes to fit in with the engagement theme.

Chi Giang understood what we like in terms of style, color and delivered 200% more than what we expected. The decoration of our Le An Hoi was on point with the deep red tone and traditional elements like bamboo, lanterns and pottery. A lot of my friends asked about the engagement’s decoration after the event and I always proudly answered that chi Giang and the F Lab team made it all possible.

Once again, words cannot describe how grateful we felt but I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for us and for taking care of every tiny details. Your hard effort and the passion for your job and weddings didn’t go unnoticed!

I wish you all the best in the future with many beautiful weddings to come !

Yêu chị yêu F Lab <3
Ha & Tom
— Ha & Tom