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I was in contact with many local planners when I started planning my two weddings in Hanoi & Vung Tau, but Giang immediately made it to the top of the list when I saw her started The F Lab. I’ve known her for a long time, and I always know that she’s trustworthy and stylish. I mean, what else do you look for in a wedding planner? For me, those two things were the most important. I’m sure my projects gave her a lot of headache since we had to plan for two weddings back-to-back and only a week apart, in two different locations, with lots of traveling and logistics that you had to account for with a limited budget. But she managed to do a great job and made both of my weddings adorable and memorable!

She has been the planner that I can count on in every single thing, and that gave me peace of mind and the assurance that everything will work out in the end. Trust me, wedding planning and the wedding itself is a frenzy journey, and what you need the most is for someone to tell you that things will be fine, and actually make it fine! I could tell that she poured her heart out to plan to each and every wedding for her clients.

I LOVE Giang’s style. She is capable of making anything pretty and elegant, no matter how little resource might be made available for her. Anything that she presented to you in paper or on the computer, it will come out much more adorable! I was particularly impressed by her work on flower arrangement and decorations for my wedding in Hanoi: it had just enough traditional touches, yet bright and elegant, and somehow still gave you the homey feel and holiday spirit!

Giang has been very accommodating in all of my requests, no matter how strange and meticulous it was. She listened to my concerns and addressed all of them. She also gave me advices when she saw something that I lack experience or knowledge about. She became my sounding board, and I gradually got into the habit of asking for her opinion in every little things, just because I know sometimes her ideas are better than mine.

We were very fortunate to know Giang and have her as our wedding planner. We simply cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Lem Pham