A big fat giant thank-you to Giang and her team!

I am not a kind of person that writes review for services. If they are good I will personally recommend them to my friends or to whoever has the need. However, with Giang, it is different. She is not simply my wedding planner, she becomes friend. I am happy to have a friend like her.

I am a producer myself and never have I ever thought of hiring a wedding planner for my own wedding because I know I will not trust anyone. But I knew I would needed one. I wanted a friend of mine to be my wedding planner (she is a professional wedding planner) but she was not available. She recommended Giang for me and I chose Giang because I had no other choices. I worked until my wedding day so I needed someone to help me or else I would never be able to get married. I went to see her with a not-very-positive attitude (Giang did not know it). However, everything changed after our first meeting. She immediately gained my trust. She was super professional, super lovely and a lot more :). We talked and we laughed. She was very helpful (no words can describe how awesome she is) since the very first day. I cannot list everything she has done for me. I just remembered she gave me everything I needed when I needed it. I needed a restaurant for my family to have lunch before the fitting - she gave it to me. I needed a location for my bachelorette party - she gave it to me. I needed contact lenses the wedding day - she gave it to me. She did it all. She made me the greatest bouquet ever. I loved it so much! I loved every details she arranged at my wedding and my engagement ceremony. She took great care of me since our first engagement. She texted me if she was not in Vietnam so I knew her number abroad. She made sure I could reach her anytime I needed. She replied my text regardless how late it was. I am sorry Giang :). It is over now haha!!!

Giang, you and your team are just so wonderful. I have nothing to say but THANK YOU! We love you!

— Justin and Q.