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We are a couple living abroad, and we kind of delayed the whole preparation until 2 months before the big day, so the day we woke up and realized we had tons of things to do, we contacted The F Lab. And it went beautifully <3 It took us so long (2 months after our wedding) but better late than never to write these words to the planning team behind the success of our happiest day, especially our wedding planner Ngoc Hoang.

First of all, thank you for giving us your full attention and effort to make it happen. When it comes to wedding, everyone should learn that the event will not be exactly what you want or how you want it to be, but a good planner will make the experience the least painful possible. Ngoc and The F Lab team was willing to do anything for us, literally from the smallest task you can think of. I remember when I couldn’t sleep thinking about our wedding, I would just message Ngoc about the most random things, and she would reply within seconds and get on top of things right away even when she is busy. Mai, one of the assistants, was also very helpful and enthusiastic. She and her teammate constructed 440 favor boxes for us and fill all of them too, which I think was not on their job description. Same with many other last minute tasks. Being a bride, you gotta find a professional planner you can count on. Being me, I needed someone I trust and someone who will ALWAYS picks up the phone. The F Lab didn’t disappoint us. Highly recommended. Money well spent (and it’s so reasonable too!)

Second of all, I made a new friend after all this. It’s crazy how Ngoc and I came from strangers to bride-planner relationship to friends who plan travels together. Honestly, you will be a bit suspicious at first because she is SO tiny and her voice is SO soft. How can she handle all the work and pressure and difficult situations? But she did it all! She was the one to calm me down during crisis, she was also the one who ran back and forth and screamed on the walkie talkie so that everything could run smoothly. Because of her, I didn’t have to worry about or check on anything. The only thing I did during the event was to be pretty and feel the full set of feelings a bride is supposed to feel. There, just a little shout out to you, Ngoc!

— Trang & Đức Anh