JWMarriott Ha Noi Intimate Wedding of Trang Hi well captured by Hipster Wedding Vietnam Wedding Photographer-35880.jpg
JWMarriott Ha Noi Intimate Wedding of Trang Hi well captured by Hipster Wedding Vietnam Wedding Photographer-97161.jpg
Dear Giang,

Although after the wedding, I have moved to the South, we have met couple times yet I felt the need to write to you and The F Lab team. Today’s the day we receive the final photos from our incredible photographers and it would be perfect timing for our testimonial.

I learnt of The F Lab coincidentally one morning scolding down my Instagram feed. The post’s romantic and emotional content impressed me and lead me to your beautiful portfolio on Facebook. Right there and then, I felt like having found my wedding planner and I was right.

First of all, I would like to thank you and your team for turning our vision into our real life fairytale wedding, the one that I’ve been dreaming for such a long time. From our traditional engagement to our wedding, from decoration to agenda to wedding band, DJ, every little detail has been thoughtfully taken care of. You made us “wow” with literally everything that you recommended, from the wine box ceremony to the classic Volkswagen bridal car that everywhere we passed by on our day, there were people taking pictures on the side of the road. Especially, you introduced us to the best photographer and videographer we could ever think of, Duc Anh & Hai from Hipster wedding. Not only that, with each and every hiccup, no matter how close to the day, and despite your crazy schedule, you have never let us down, not even once. Not only you made us peace but you managed to please our demanding families.

More importantly, I would like to thank you for being a real friend to such an emotionally unstable bride like me. You’re not only my wedding planner but above that, you became my friend, my sister who would never hesitate to tell me what you really think and help me through my darkest time.

I still vividly remember our conversation at Starbucks a week before the wedding, and trust me, I’m trying my best everyday. Both Hi and I are always impressed by your professionalism and the energy you bring to the table. We wish you nothing but the best, we wish you health and luck to be able to fly to your dream destination because we believe that there will be even more glorious days to come.

I’m looking forward to the reunion day between you, us and our little baby. And we’ll make sure that the coconut ice cream will always be ready for you here in Ho Chi Minh City,

Best Regards
— Trang & Hi