Giang and The F Lab team (Nam, Mai, and Yen) made my wedding day so wonderfully memorable and gave me the prettiest tea ceremony ever! I couldn’t recommend their team enough!

I contacted Giang over a year before my wedding day and we met twice in person before the actual ceremony itself! That goes to show how professional, well-communicated, and efficient she and her team could be. It is especially helpful for a couple living abroad like us who will have limited time in Vietnam and time zone differences!

I appreciate many many things from Giang’s team but the two things you’d want from any consultant are that they will tell you their opinions, whether you agree with them or not, and that they are dedicated to your event, and not just checking some boxes. Giang would advise me on how to prioritize my budget, and pulled me back from some crazy moments when I thought it would be good to spend more but to a logical mindset, it would not be. Giang wisely advised me organized different kind of guests to different ceremonies, to both achieve the traditional standards but the cozy dreamy wedding I wanted. It was the BEST advice ever and I am so glad I took it!

Secondly, she and her team truly love their work and dedicate their time/effort to make you feel special and happy on your wedding day and take away as much stress from you as they possibly can. We had a thunderstorm 30 minutes before my outdoor wedding, which I knew, but then the other kinds of hiccups caused by third-party vendors, that I only learned afterwards. From my and the guests’ viewpoint that night, everything was PERFECT! I am so grateful for Giang and her coordination team that night on how well the put the event together!

Best wishes to Giang and her team in the future events!
— Yen & Quang