Dear Ngoc, Giang & The F Lab team,

Although I’m still a bit tired after our wonderful wedding yesterday, I feel the need to write to you immediately. Our celebration was beyond my every imagination and I know The F Lab played an important part to make it happen.

I passed by your page on Facebook and noticed that you have done a couple projects at Sheraton Hanoi, our venue and fell in love with your style. After the first meeting, I was impressed with the soft yet professional way Ngoc and Giang was introducing themselves and their brand. At first, we were worried about our tight budget and high demand, but The F Lab still found a solution to make the best of everything for us. We could not help but falling in love with the elegant combination of flowers and decoration that Ngoc planned. You truly has an incredible taste and our guests, including our foreign friends had given us so many compliments.

And when we found out that our plan A could not be delivered due to the hotel fire safety regulations, Ngoc came up with plan B immediately which was not only beautiful and meaningful to us but also helped us save some money. Throughout the planning process, Ngoc was always there for me, listening to our requests and gave us valuable advices.

We are completely happy and we understand how much efforts you would have to go through each and every project.

Now, the only thing to do is to spread the words and widen your partnership network so more and more brides-to-be will get to know about The F Lab. Best of luck to you all, we’re looking forward to your next projects. Keep up your enthusiasm and your style.

Thank you all, once again.
— Le Bao Ly