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It’s almost been 2 weeks since our wedding day and I can finally sit down to write to Giang and The F Lab, probably, the best wedding planner I’ve known.

Our first meeting was about 3 months ago, right after we found our ideal venue. And ever since the first discussion, as an admin of “Say No to plastic”, a fanpage dedicated to raise public awareness about the consequences of plastic to environment and ultimately, humankind, I was very specific about how my day would be, in which, there would be no flowers, no balloon, no plastic and the waste had to be minimised as much as possible. I know our day would be a challenge for Giang and her team immediately.

The first plan they came up with was to use hanging veggies and fruits, mixing with small fairy lights, as the backdrop for our stage and later to be consumed as wedding favour to our guests. I was impressed. This case, we wouldn’t have to worry about waste when mostly everything could be put to immediate use, or reusable. However, to my biggest surprise, The F Lab team proposed an even more exciting alternative, the corn-bush backdrop. As corn was in the season, they managed to deliver fresh corn bush, put them into wooden box as our stage. This solution made the venue even more green, more lively and to be frank, who wouldn’t love a fresh corn cob at the end of the party?

The F Lab did not just want to deliver what I ask for, they exceeded our expectation. From my bridal bouquet to Cho’s boutonniere, everything was coherent with the theme of our eco-friendly wedding. Every detail, from food schedule, to how drink should to be served, to escorting guests, to coordinating programme was carefully considered and taken care by Giang and her team. Even when we left for after party, they stayed to clean up and make sure everything was ok.

My writing is long but not even close to how much The F Lab’s scope of work before, during and after my wedding was. Honestly, I can trust them with every event in my life. Thank you so much. We love you all!
— Thao Hoang, aka Tho