The F Lab isn’t just a service provider.

The F Lab isn’t just a service provider. We are a team of intelligent, understanding, and creative professionals - from planners, designers, production managers, content writers to coordinators - who are sincerely our clients’ most truthful friends when it comes to any issue related to their day.

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of personalized weddings that are not just bold and innovative, but also worry-free through cooperative, transparent and punctual work processes.


In a fast changing world, our vision is to create memories that last for a lifetime. Better yet - for generations after generations, while staying relevant to constant cultural and technological advancements.


We believe that wedding is one of the most treasured and important events of one's lifetime. Thus, a wedding planner's biggest honor and privilege is the power to turn our clients' dreams into everlasting memories.


The F Lab is, first and foremost, a creative & customised wedding planner.

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Let's Meet The Team

Behind each and beautiful and meaningful moments is our talented and passionate team.

Giang Bui

Founder, CEO & Lead Planner

A visionary thinker and art enthusiast, Giang is constantly exploring new ways to elevate weddings and craft one-of-a-kind guest experiences.

Minh Nguyen

Senior Planner

Minh brings a balance between organization and imagination, allowing for smooth experiences that are still spontaneously inspiring.

Yen Vu

Senior Planner

As one of F Lab’s most seasoned planners, Yen always knows just how to incorporate surprise and drama to make an event extraordinary.

Giang Pham

Senior Planner

Giang Pham often draws inspiration from our couples' love stories to dream up the happiest, most heartfelt celebrations just for them.


From Our Clients

Nga & Tom

Chỉ có thể nói là yêu Thuý nhiều nhiều. Gặp vấn đề gì, chị cũng đều hết sức tin Thuý.

Trang & Cong

There was nothing the team weren’t willing to do to ease our minds and we will be forever grateful to the crew for their hard work and dedication.

Duc & Linh

...Tui muốn cảm ơn cả team The F Lab - những người hùng thầm lặng đã không những lo cho chúng tui ngày hôm đó mà còn lo cho tất cả khách có một ngày thật là ý nghĩa và vui như vậy.

Ha & Chau

Đến với F Lab thì việc của bạn cần làm là làm cô dâu và làm chú rể thôi, còn lại cả thế giới đã có F Lab lo!

Linh & Duc

Bọn tui đã có một đám cưới tuyệt đẹp nhờ công Yến tư vấn! Brilliant!!

Ly & Tuan

Hôm đó nhờ có chị Giang Bé, chị Châu và team F Lab, em đã vô cùng yên tâm và thực sự có thể tận hưởng ngày hôm đó ạ!

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